Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

We can install many leading brands

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, or already have one, then you will be keen to recharge the vehicle at home if at all possible. If you have off-road parking at your home then it is usually possible to have an electric vehicle charging point installed.
Government grants are available which can reduce the cost if you meet the scheme requirements
You must get a professional to install the equipment, and it is important to choose the right type of equipment to suit your needs
You might have Solar PV panels at home and would like to maximise the value of the electricity that you produce, by using it to charge your vehicle.
Choosing the right equipment and installer can save you a lot of money in the future and will ensure that you do not have any safety issues whilst using your equipment.
Charging your vehicle quickly can be very appealing, however you must ensure that your electricity supply is capable of supplying all the load you require, especially if you have other high power electrical equipment already installed in your house. Electric Cookers, Electric Showers, Hot tubs are examples of high power equipment. If you were to add an electric vehicle charging point as well, and run multiple high power load at the same time, then you could potentially overload your supply and blow the main fuse., leaving you completely in the dark and powerless.
Luckily modern ‘smart’ electric vehicle charging points can monitor how much power is currently being used in the home, and only allow power to the charging point if there is no danger of overload. These smart management systems can also ensure that if you have solar PV at your home, then you use every last drop (or Watt to be more correct) of free electricity that you produce.
Your installation of an electric vehicle charging point will need to be documented, certificated and notified to the relevant authorities, indeed the installation may need to be pre-approved by your local network electricity authority (Distribution network operator or DNO for short). This is to ensure that your electricity supply and main fuse size are sufficient to carry the additional load that you require.
A competent and registered installer will be able to survey your property and carry out the necessary applications on your behalf. This is why it is important that you select an ‘Office for Low Emission Vehicles’  OLEV approved installer. By using a registered OLEV installer, you may also benefit from any government grants that are available.